Our Technology

UniCar has incorporated a variety of innovative technologies in the UniCab:

  • it is a fully Electric Vehicle (EV) with advanced capacitor energy distribution
  • additional power sources are from latest solar panel on the roof, brake energy conversion, hydrogen fuel cells & speedy plug-in recharge
  • Boomerang Hub Recharging Stations

    Boomerang Hub Recharging Stations

    Map of proposed locations Boomerang Hub charging Stations

    Map of proposed locations Boomerang Hub charging Stations

  • the rechargers will be ‘Boomerang Hubs’ (without the driver having to leave his seat), which are taxi ranks strategically located in Manhattan and the Boroughs the biggest ones being at La Guardia, JFK & Newark Airports
  • to enable almost 24/7 running with minimum of time “off road” except repairs & maintenance which is also kept to a minimum since
  • this vehicle has few moving component parts all of which are easily accessed i.e.
    • low profile “puncture less” tires on rims revolve around electric engines located in their hubs which is regulated by onboard computer to equalize power out put applied between all wheels & importantly there is no energy dissipation in the travel through the drive train to the output point as in conventional cars
    • the lighter but stronger than steel body rides on adjustable air & hydraulic suspension to give superior handling on all terrains and a more ergonomically functional, spacious and comfortable interior environment, ingress/egress
    • a large “koala pouch” like luggage compartment which simultaneously slides out & settles down on the ground for ease of use and to eliminate occupational health & safety concerns in loading/unloading…
    • luggage which is held in place by retractable belts that tighten with every movement like those and as additional supply of those hidden in the interior to secure wheelchairs.