Safety & Dignity

UniCab Safety Access Diagram and Text

UniCab Safety Access Diagram

The UniCar and UniCab offer safer entry for wheelchair and mobility scooter users from the side via the sidewalk.

Once inside there is room to position a wheelchair or mobility scooter next to the driver for ease of communication with the driver and other passengers. The wheelchair/scooter and the user will be held in place by retractable belts that tighten with every movement of the vehicle.

Our sliding door system for every opening in the vehicle is safer for passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Shortcomings of current vehicles

  • Most vehicles servicing passengers with a disability have rear entry and exit. These vehicles are not prestige vehicles, nor do they provide passengers in wheelchairs with the benefits enjoyed by able-bodied passengers.
  • Alarmingly, they can be riskier. Wheelchair users are often placed in the dangerous position of having to pass between traffic and parked cars. Rear entry and exit increases the risk of rear-end collision.
  • Many vehicles being used as wheelchair-accessible taxis do not meet Australian design rules or the newly adopted Australian disability design standards for public transport. Few meet standard crash-testing requirements.
  • As well, taxis with rear entry and exit increase the distance from passenger to driver and make communication difficult. They create a rougher ride by placing the passenger near or over the rear axle. Rear-entry vehicles also create the feeling that the wheelchair-bound passenger is on display and stigmatise them as handicapped rather than preserving their dignity.
  • Side entry and exit allows wheelchair users to sit near the driver, be in the middle of the vehicle, and enjoy the seating position of regular people movers.