UniCar People Movers

The UniCab is based on the UniCar concept vehicle, utilising the principle of Universal Design to be accessible to the widest possible range of mobility impaired passengers and drivers.


The front wheel drive UniCar people movers feature a lowered floor and side entry.

Our base versions will be high-occupancy vehicles (ie, 7 seaters) and driven by a low-emission Flex-Fuel engine able to operate on either biofuel mix or LPG. We estimate that by 2011, as the technology becomes available, they be fully hybrid electric vehicles.

Their other features include:
• Lowered light-metal alloy floor to enhance driver line of sight and provide generous headroom for passengers in wheelchairs
• Safe side entry rather than the more common rear entry
• A kneeling system to automatically and gently lower the vehicle to decrease ramp incline and increase accessibility
• A slide-out power ramp with low angle to provide almost effortless entry and a short length for parking in tight places
• Plenty of interior room to allow for wheelchair manoeuvrability
• Two removable front seats
• Wheelchair restraint tracks
• Slip resistant vinyl flooring
• Two-passenger fold-away middle seat
• Front-wheel drive.

Its dual-fuel capability offers maximum flexibility in local markets as well as maximum benefits to the environment. Unlike most vehicles for the disability sector, it is also fully crash tested.